Our vision

Our vision is simple: to drive standards and deliver excellence throughout industry.

Our mission

Our mission is to transform project and safety case delivery by sharing innovation and expertise, while achieving regulatory expectations, actively engaging stakeholders and enabling clients to implement sustainable knowledge management behaviours and value-for money technology.

Our values

Our values support our vision, shaping what we do and how we do it. We value: knowledge management: capturing, developing, sharing and effectively using organisational knowledge integrity: inspiring trust and honesty accountability: taking responsibility for actions and inactions quality: doing everything well.

Our culture

Relationships and longevity are core to our business. Whilst we can provide quick turnarounds, all our clients enjoy the opportunity to build long-term relationships that continue to add value over time. When we receive a client’s brief, we don’t just deliver it; we look above and beyond it, identifying further opportunities, potential challenges and priorities, in order to provide them and their teams with the best possible support.

Measuring success

For some it’s all about winning awards, and while we won’t deny that’s a great feeling, it’s what’s behind them that matters most to us. We measure success by asking: • Have we transformed a project? • Have we executed flawless delivery? • Have we provided best value-for-money or even saved our client money? • Have we delivered against KPIs? • Have we created opportunities for our client and the individuals we work with? Positive responses to all these questions mean that we have successfully achieved our goals: to challenge norms, create best practice and maximise results.