FSN sponsor BARLA’s U17s main tour for second year running

Monday December 22nd, 2014

For the second year running, FSN is proud to be the main sponsor for the BARLA Emerging Lions Tour that is due to take place in Malta in June. Not only does FSN contribute financially but one of the directors, Chris Fisher, is also heavily involved in the preparations for the tour and participation of the tour itself as BARLA’s Joint Coach. FSN’s Technical Director, Jon Jennings, said, “It’s fantastic that we have been be able to support the lads again; they are the future of not only the development and quality of national rugby league moving forward but also of the communities these lads hail from. A real sense of pride is always felt in the run up to the tour and during, and it’s great to meet the parents of the team and watch the lads play.”

All three directors of FSN have close links to rugby league in Cumbria and Lancashire so it’s no real surprise that the company is committed to supporting the cause.

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